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Chiefly is a straightforward yet versatile online business manager, specifically designed for (serial) internet entrepreneurs, bloggers and digital nomads.

Think of it as a "leveled up" project management app, not just focussing on the management of individual projects, but on the entrepreneur and their various endeavours, sites, projects and overall online presence.

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Core features


Think of endeavours as businesses, under which you will be managing multiple projects. If you're a business owner, naturally you will want to create an endeavour for (either of) your business(es).


In its simplest form, a project is just a list of subsequent actions. Optionally, projects can be divided into several subprojects, tagged, and connected to an endeavour and/or site. Project outcomes can be defined, and progress can easily be tracked.


Actions, or tasks, can either be managed individually, or added to a project. They can be scheduled, starred (useful when defining next actions), tagged, and given a status like 'Deferred', 'Reference', 'Waiting for', 'Tickler', etc.

Sites and domains

Your sites are what make your endeavours profitable, so naturally they can be added to Chiefly. Projects, tags, social accounts, domains... they can all be connected.

Social accounts

Keep track of your social engagement, your different social network accounts and how they are related to your endeavours and sites.

Context and tags

Add context like 'Location', 'Contributor', and 'Time estimate' to your projects and actions. Use it to determine what to do when and where, and who is contributing. Of course, plain old tagging is also supported throughout the app.

Everything is interconnected

Endeavours, projects, actions, sites, social accounts... They can all be managed independently, and connected to each other if they are related.

Built on GTD principles

We've applied several principles of the GTD productivity method to our action and project management tools, allowing you to gain more focus, and keep your mind clear from clutter.

Plugins and extensions

Chiefly was built with plugins and extensions in mind. More about this soon.

Beta version online soon!

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Chiefly is built for internet entrepreneurs, by internet entrepreneurs.
We needed an app that would transcend traditional project management apps, and provide us with enough tools to stay on top of our online endeavours, as well as manage our day-to-day actions. And so we built it, and made it available to others.

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